Pre-Departure COVID-19 Testing

Viking is committed to doing all we can to ensure you are healthy and well prepared for international travel—and that you will be able to arrive in your destination and embark your ship without incident. Viking highly recommends, but does not require, a pre-departure COVID-19 test—unless one is required by the destination.

Please note that Viking is in the process of notifying guests about these changes to the Viking Health & Safety Program, as well as updating specific requirements for all voyages across documents channels, including on

To find a testing location or at-home test, follow the links below.

Option 1: COVID-19 Testing Location

Please note:

  • When selecting a testing location, make sure it provides the test type your destination requires.
  • Select a testing location that can be verified through your local or state health department.
  • Call the testing location before you schedule an appointment to confirm it can deliver the test result prior to your departure.
  • There may be a charge at some testing locations.

There may be a charge at some testing locations.

Find a test site near you

*Maps are provided and maintained by Castlight: COVID-19 Resource Center. Castlight is not affiliated with Viking.

- Or -

Option 2: Order At-Home COVID-19 Test

Please note:

  • The following are examples of at-home COVID-19 tests; in addition to these sellers, comparable at-home COVID-19 tests are also available at Amazon and other online retailers.
  • Before purchasing an at-home COVID-19 test, make sure the test meets the requirements of your destination.

*Viking is not affiliated with the manufactures of the kits suggested above, nor will Viking receive any compensation for their sale through this link.