Passports, Visa & Travel Documents

Viking will send you a number of notifications via email as your departure date nears, including your booking confirmation, payment receipts and, if you purchased your air travel from Viking, logistical information about your air travel and transfers. Be sure your email account is set up to receive communications from Viking so that these messages can find their way to you.

Distribution of Travel Documents

Tickets and other travel documents will be issued approximately 3 weeks prior to departure. Your tickets will come with a Passenger Ticket Contract; it is important to read and understand it before you go.

Passenger Ticket Contract (US & Canada)


Due to airline security measures, your passport name must match your airline ticket name or you may be denied boarding. Your passport’s expiration date must be at least six months after your return from your trip; if it is not, you should renew your passport.

Passport Application


If you are traveling with us to Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Egypt India, Jordan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam, you will need a visa. Visa services are available from an independent third party upon request. If you would like to obtain your visa through our partner, please visit their website and download a visa kit. Complete and return the forms to the visa company in a timely manner so that you will have your documentation in time to travel. The timing is explained within the kit instructions. Anyone who wishes to obtain their own visas for Cambodia and Vietnam should make sure to get a single-entry visa for Cambodia and a double-entry visa for Vietnam. This will enable travel to Vietnam, to Cambodia and back to Vietnam during the course of the itinerary. Please note that e-visas for Vietnam are now accepted for US and Canada passport holders. E-visas for Cambodia are accepted for guests traveling from Hanoi to Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City. However, if traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia to Hanoi, a label visa or visa on arrival is applicable. Viking will assist with obtaining the latter. On Ocean cruises, the ship will obtain the required visa prior to your arrival for Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. On River cruises, our representatives will help you acquire your Egypt and Jordan visas on arrival. Note: Visa requirements subject to change at any time without notice. Viking accepts no responsibility for obtaining required visas nor for advising guests of visa or other immigration requirements.

Generations Visa Service

Travel Protection Plan

For your convenience, Viking offers a Travel Protection Plan administered by Trip Mate, a Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services brand. This may help protect your travel investment, your belongings and most importantly, you from many unforeseen circumstances that may arise before or during your trip, including costs of circumstances that may arise from any illness (including COVID-19*). The Travel Protection Plan includes a non-insurance Cancel For Any Reason Waiver (provided by Viking), Travel Insurance Benefits (underwritten by Generali- U.S. Branch) and Assistance Services (provided by Generali Global Assistance). Payments are for the full Travel Protection Plan, which is made up of the Part A Non-Insurance Cancel For Any Reason Waiver, and Part B Insurance Benefits, and Assistance Services (a separate fee for Assistance Services is included in the Plan Payment). Individuals looking to obtain additional information on the plan fees, may contact Trip Mate at Insurance benefits in the Plan are subject to limitations and exclusions, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions. Plan benefits, limits and provisions vary by state/jurisdiction and not all coverage is available in all states. To review full plan details online and Important Disclosures, go to:

Protect Your Investment Now

*COVID-19 is treated the same as any other sickness. The plan requires a sickness to be “examined and treated by a physician”. We consider all PCR or laboratory tests to have been administered by a physician.

Pay by echeck and Save

Enjoy the convenience of paying for your trip by echeck (also known as EFT or electronic funds transfer). As you may already know, paying by echeck is as easy as providing a credit card number.

  • You may use echeck to pay for your Viking cruise or cruisetour, and for airfare. Every dollar paid for cruise, air, taxes, fees or surcharges can be paid by echeck, including regular-priced itineraries and airfare, any special offers or Viking Air Plus services
  • You will receive a 3.3% discount and there is no fee for this service
  • You can make secure payments on the Booking Payments page in the My Viking Journey Payments & Cart section.