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About Norfolk

With its magnificent setting on a wide natural harbor, Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base. Dozens of battleships, aircraft carriers and other vessels line seven miles of piers and wharves along four miles of the city’s waterfront. From here, naval ships in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans are supported. Beyond its official command centers, Naval Station Norfolk among them, the city’s identity and history are closely intertwined with the US Navy and other military branches. Explore the Hampton Roads Naval Museum for a rich overview of the Navy’s role during wartime, from the Civil War through the cold war. The fascinating remains of two Civil War shipwrecks are preserved here, the USS Cumberland and the CSS Florida. Norfolk is also the resting place of General Douglas MacArthur, the much decorated US Army commander. He and his wife are entombed at the MacArthur Memorial, a museum and research center in Norfolk’s former City Hall. This remarkable collection sheds light on the famed General’s personal life with preserved uniforms, personal papers, memorabilia and more.