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About Halifax

Site of the first permanent European settlement in the Canadian Maritimes, Halifax exudes a refined European air. Visitors arriving by sea are greeted by the Sambro Island Lighthouse; built in 1758, it is the oldest surviving beacon in North America. In the city’s harborside Historic Properties district, grand and charming stone buildings built in the 18th and 19th centuries grace the cobblestone streets. The city grew up around the base of Citadel Hill, still today topped by Fort George, a Victorian-era fortification that protected the harbor. The fortress, along with the adjacent stately Halifax Town Clock, has been gloriously restored and preserved. Downtown, St. Mary’s Basilica is the city’s Norman-Gothic treasure, sporting the tallest granite spire in North America. Seaside, it is pure pleasure to stroll the boardwalk on the city’s waterfront, taking in the sea air, the historic buildings and the fascinating museums, including the Pier 21 immigration museum and the excellent Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Farther afield, traverse forest and low shrubland to the rock-strewn lighthouse of Peggy’s Cove, dutifully looking out to sea from the promontory at the end of its quaint namesake village.