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About Edinburgh

Scott Monument in Old Town Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has been Scotland’s capital since the 15th century; despite that, the Union of Crowns moved it to London in 1603. Make no mistake: there is no capital quite like Edinburgh with its gorgeous setting on green rocky hillocks and splendid views of the sea. The mighty Edinburgh Castle, home of the Scottish Crown Jewels and a trove of medieval treasure, looks over the city from Castle Rock, and the Royal Mile unfolds Edinburgh’s architectural gems in all their finery, from Canongate to St. Giles Cathedral to the Palace of Holyrood House, the Scottish residence of British royalty. The crown also had a palace outside Edinburgh, on the Royal Yacht Britannia, an easy drive from the city. And if it is golf royalty you’ve come to Scotland for, look no further than St. Andrews, where the “long walk spoiled” was invented.