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World Cruises & Grand Voyages

A World Cruise or Grand Voyage with Viking puts the entire globe within reach. Travel around the world on an epic cruise, achieving countless milestones in up to 113 ports. Equally rewarding yet shorter, Viking Grand Voyages explore a vast variety of destinations, combining two or more popular itineraries on one seamless journey. Each unforgettable itinerary is infused with our signature cultural immersion, destination insight and great value.

Highlights of World Cruises and Grand Voyages

Viking’s World Cruises and Grand Voyages are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see the world through a wider lens. Our world cruises circumnavigate the globe, introducing you to one fascinating culture after another and delivering you to the world’s most breathtaking corners of the world. Grand Voyages are also full of limitless discoveries, and they are economical because you pay just one airfare as you combine multiple Viking ocean cruises. As you traverse the world’s oceans on one of our epic journeys, raise a glass to the endless discoveries you will make along the way. On just one journey, you can:

  • Visit all of Scandinavia’s major ports
  • Embark a comprehensive itinerary that spans Asia
  • Explore Asian and American cultures on a transpacific voyage
  • Follow ancient trade routes between Europe and Asia
  • Immerse yourself in innumerable and diverse countries
  • Visit as many as six continents and more than 100 ports