Onboard Enrichment

Onboard experiences designed to optimize onshore discovery.

  • The Aula

    A stunning panoramic auditorium inspired by the University of Oslo’s famed ceremonial hall, the former venue for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Used for lectures, daily briefings, documentaries and films, this spectacular venue features a 4k laser-projected screen that retracts to expose floor-to-ceiling windows and 270° views.

  • Expedition Central

    The hub for the expedition team to consult with guests on their expedition activities, and share knowledge about the destinations on a one-on-one basis, with the aid of 3D printed maps, digital screens, and a state-of-the-art spatial data visualization chart table.

  • The Science Lab

    Our 380-square-foot wet and dry lab, developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge and Akvaplan-niva, allows our scientists to conduct meaningful research and encourages guest interaction.

  • The Studio

    This onboard area offers a multipurpose space facilitating enrichment experiences with the Viking Resident Scientists. On the wall are felt replicas of the primary avian species that inhabit or migrate to the locations we visit. Here, guests can learn to identify different birds or learn more about their various habits with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s ornithologists—part of our Viking Resident Scientists program.

  • Viking Resident Scientists

    Selected by our academic partners, the University of Cambridge’s Scott Polar Research Institute and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a group of scientists will be on board every journey, providing lectures, advice and insight to guests in areas such as biology, botany, geology, glaciology, oceanography, ornithology.