(issued prior to April 6, 2021)

Dreaming of and Planning for Future Travels

With the Ultimate Flexibility and Value

Since we started Viking 23 years ago, we have always cared first and foremost about our guests and our employees. Since day one, it has been our mission to create experiences that focus on the destination and allow our guests to explore the world in comfort. This has always been Viking’s ambition and will remain so. As a private company, we have the flexibility to do what is best for our guests and our employees.

Future Cruise Vouchers valued at 125% are available exclusively for those guests whose cruise was cancelled due to, or associated with, our suspended operations.

125% Future Cruise Vouchers: The Ultimate in Flexibility and Value

  • 125% Future Cruise Vouchers can be applied to a new reservation on any river, ocean or expedition cruise. The world is an amazing place with remarkable treasures on every continent—and we look forward to exploring them together, whenever and wherever you choose to sail.
  • 125% Future Cruise Vouchers are transferable, so that you have the flexibility to gift them to a loved one.
  • 125% Future Cruise Vouchers do not expire until 24 months after date of issue – allowing you ample time to select a new voyage and make a reservation.
  • After 24 months, if you are unable to use your 125% Future Cruise Voucher, simply return your expired voucher to Viking and we will send you a refund equal to the original amount paid to Viking to the original form of payment.

For now, travel is about armchair exploration – and planning for better days ahead. After all, this too shall eventually pass. And when travel is less complicated, we are ready to resume operations and explore the world in comfort, again.

Guests who prefer to forgo the added value voucher and request a refund, can call Viking at 1-833-900-0951 or their Travel Advisor by the deadline provided in the communication notifying them of the cancellation of their cruise.

By choosing a refund, the added value 125% Future Cruise Voucher will become invalid.

Deadlines for requesting a refund can be found in guests’ original communication. Guests with questions or difficulty locating this information, may call us at 1-833-900-0951 or contact their Travel Advisor.