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Marvel at Moeraki’s Geological Giants

Tucked away on the sandy beaches of Otago’s coast rests a 60-million-year-old natural wonder with a legendary backstory. Formed in the sediment of the ancient sea floor, the indigenous people of New Zealand (known as the Māori) believe the massive boulders have a more mythical beginning originating in the canoe that brought their ancestors to the island. Add this fascinating Moeraki marvel to your next voyage to New Zealand and unravel the mythic phenomenon for yourself.

Ancient Wonders Soar Amid Mayan Ruins

Looking for your next old-world exploration? Make your way through the Yucatán jungle and the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá to find El Castillo: the captivatingly advanced Mayan pyramid and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Truffles and Oysters and Cognac…Oh My!

Truffle hunting, oyster shucking and Cognac blending are just the beginning of this 8-day epicurean exploration. Make the most of our tour of Bordeaux and treat yourself to the finest French indulgences aboard Châteaux, Rivers & Wine.

Forbes: The Secret Life of Heather Clancy

“It is the people you meet on your journeys who truly make destinations come alive,” says Forbes—and that includes Viking Cruise Directors. Follow along as they uncover the method behind the magic of one of our guest favorites: Heather Clancy.


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