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Christmas Markets: A Distinctly European Tradition

Christmas in Europe is a time for elaborate pastries, midnight masses in Gothic churches and upholding local traditions. The historic Christmas markets center around the Advent and specialize in handmade crafts, mulled drinks, grilled sausages and other holiday treats. It is a time for celebrating the spirit of the season with the community.

#10: Picture a Puffin

Where Norway ends and Scotland begins, you will find lands, including the Shetland Islands, whose waters are home to seals, puffins, and more. Discover our not-to-be-missed Top 10 Travel Experiences.

What Is Cold, Is Hot.

According to the Los Angeles Times, more cruisers are putting cold destinations on their bucket lists. Take part in the trend with our new ocean cruise that delves into the beauty of Norway’s famed winter season.

The Taste of Austria

World travelers know this to be true: there is no end to the delicious ways you can drink coffee. Warm up with this classic specialty coffee drink that is full of fragrant orange notes and straight from Vienna’s famed coffee houses.


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