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Easy Apple Strudel

Viennese Apple Strudel is synonymous with the city’s coffeehouse culture and surprisingly easy to make. Plus, what better way to celebrate the favorite fruit of fall, than by rolling it up in light pastry with walnuts, butter, raisins and cinnamon?

Set-Jetting: Lights, Camera, Travel

Some of the world’s greatest screen adventures take place in real-world settings, and when your next destination is inspired by your favorite films, well, that’s “set-jetting.” Where to next?

10 Reasons You Need to Cruise in Norway

“Norway is gorgeous any time of the year, but cruising through the country in the summer, when the Land of the Midnight Sun boasts 24 hours of daylight, gives you endless opportunities to take advantage of its natural beauty.”

Gaudí’s Barcelona

Dalí, Picasso and Miró all found inspiration in Barcelona, but it is Gaudí who has, quite literally, left the biggest impression.


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