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Breakfast is served on a Viking Longship. Tag along with Viking travelers as they share what they are experiencing around the world today.

Unearthing Treasure

Prized by many, found by few, and loved by chefs around the world. Truffles are hunted in the forest by trained dogs—and the training is not difficult. With a little cotton, truffle oil, and a film canister, you and your pooch can start hunting the rare truffle.

Notes from a Small Island

Britain fascinates Americans: it's familiar, yet alien. In the 1970s writer Bill Bryson moved from Iowa to Britain and stayed for almost 20 years. Before heading back to the states, he takes you on a jaunt around the island he loves.

Through the Outback

Not all of the world’s great treasures are found on the coast. There’s nothing quite so Australian as the country’s vast, remote, red interior. Disembark the ship for a few days and embark on an adventure into the famed outback.


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