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Welcome to the Charmingly Remote, Yet Accessible

The sea is seemingly everywhere. The sky is never-ending. On Scotland’s time-worn Orkney Islands—two thirds of which are uninhabited—you will find storm-battered cliffs, ancient stone circles, and ominous-looking “sea stacks,” which rise from the churning water. And one of the many reasons we love it: this far-flung archipelago of the North Sea was also once ruled by the Vikings, of course!


Tag along with Viking travelers as they share what they are experiencing around the world today.

Cruise Fever: The Viking Difference Starts with the Crew

“The staff on a cruise can take a good trip and turn it into one you’ll never forget. That has never been more evident than on our current 14 night cruise to the Midnight Sun on Viking Sky.”

Chocolate Hazelnut Panna Cotta

The decadent flavor of Nutella in a creamy, light panna cotta is pure bliss. The fact that this simple no-bake recipe requires only five ingredients makes us love it all the more.


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