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Cooking the Italian Way in Lake Como

Risotto. Porcini Mushrooms. Butter. Parsley. Prosecco. Need we really say more? Learn how Italians prepare their delicious risotto con funghi porcini and the bubbly addition that gives this particular version a delightfully unique taste.


A group of friends starts a new tradition of daily parties on the Aquavit Terrace. Tag along with Viking travelers as they gather with new friends and share what they are experiencing around the world today.

Summer-Perfect Sangria

Sangria is a historically Spanish combination of wine and fruit that aims for refreshment and fun over complexity. This refreshing version is made with rosé wine, strawberries and grapes.

CNBC: This cruise comes with its own planetarium

“Viking Cruises' Orion, which debuted in June, features a high-tech planetarium dubbed The Explorers’ Dome. It's the highest definition planetarium to ever sail the seas.”


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