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Africa Cruises

Cruise to South Africa, Madagascar & Mozambique

Sail in the wake of Portuguese, English, German, Dutch and other explorers when you join our Africa cruises. You will witness timeless tribal traditions alongside vestiges of colonialism from Mauritius to Senegal, from Madagascar to Mozambique. Marvel at the desert landscapes of Namibia. Explore the vibrant culture and arresting scenic vistas of South Africa. Heed the call of Africa with Viking and experience an enriching cruise like none other.

Highlights of Africa

Outside Africa’s safari circuit lies spellbinding coasts and lush islands where tribal ways, intriguing cultures, modern cities and breathtaking wilderness live side by side. Amid this multihued mosaic, Viking reveals enduring ways of life and unspoiled landscapes, calling on the island nations of Mauritius and Madagascar, immersing you in South Africa’s Victorian-flavored ports and bringing you around the famed Cape of Good Hope to the sand-strewn coast of Namibia and beyond. Here are a few sample highlights from Viking Africa cruises:

  • The diverse cultural tapestry of Mauritius
  • French-flavored Madagascar
  • Jacaranda- and acacia-lined avenues of Maputo, Mozambique
  • Durban’s blend of British, Indian and Zulu influences
  • Victorian flavors of East London, South Africa’s only river port
  • Cape Town’s sophisticated Victoria & Albert waterfront
  • Stark beauty and colorful buildings of German-influenced Lüderitz
  • Walvis Bay’s towering sand dunes
  • Senegal’s bustling capital of Dakar
  • Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque, the largest outside Mecca